Essay on The County That I Call Home

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With over 250 years of history as a county in North Carolina, Mecklenburg County has an extensive and fascinating story to tell. Established in 1762, the county that I call home has been a part of this country since before we gained our independence from Great Britain. When most Americans hear the surname “Polk,” they automatically think of our nation’s eleventh president, James Knox Polk. A fraction of those people are able to tell you that James was born in Mecklenburg County and spent the first ten or so years of his life in present-day Pineville. Very few, however, could tell you of James’ ascendants; of his father, grandfather, uncles, cousins, and other not-so-distant relatives who were crucial to the founding and progress of Mecklenburg County. For the sake of differentiating between individuals, I will refer to the members of the Polk family by their first names. In the event that one name represents more than one family member, such as the case of Charles Polk, Charles Polk, and Charles Polk, I will give the relationship of that person to another, like Charles Polk, son of Thomas Polk, for instance.
Through my research, I have found numerous Polks who were either born in, raised in, or simply moved to Mecklenburg County. Some impacted the area in small ways, others in bigger ways. Among them are Revolutionary War soldiers, local political leaders, land surveyors, and government executives. In this paper, I tend to focus mainly on the male members of the…

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