Robinson Crusoe And Lord Of The Flies Comparative Essay

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We have deeply learned William Golding’ s Lord of the Flies for a really long while. This story is really similar with the other two stories, R. M. Ballantyne’ s the
Coral Island and Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe. In the three novels, the authors use the same setting - put their main characters on an island. The main character’s identities, their actions, their personalities, their attitudes towards the nature and their relationship to the nature response the reflection of the generation the novels happened. The Coral Island uses a “legend” to represent the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland’s social appearance which was in order to provide education and entertainment to children. The characters created by Ballantyne, have a brave but civilized life.
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This is important because Crusoe assures his safety. Then he makes reflection in what happened to him, and gradually recognizes the existence of
God, and he worships God. Since then he has lived a true Christian life: a Puritan’s sense of sin, and he often feels that God had a hand in all the affairs of his life. Unlike
Crusoe, in the Coral Island, Ralph, Jack and Peterkin, pray every morning and think of
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their creator when see the beautiful scenery. In this sense, they are traditional
Christians. Religion 's influence on Defoe 's characters and Ballantyne’s characters are quite different. This is not surprising. When Crusoe realizes that cannibal frequently attack the island where he is, his instinctive reaction is offensive, as part of their pagan executed. He thinks that this kind of cruels and heartless guys are not worth to live in the glory of God. However, he soon learns that he has no power to interfere in the lives of these people. No matter who, Crusoe shows a moral relativity tendency without any reasons: "how do I know God is to judge for the detectives? There is no doubt. These people does not know that eating each other is a crime; they does

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