The Convergence Of Religion And Family Essay examples

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Religion is a fundamentally vital component of the society that affects human behavior, culture, and coexistence among others. Family is also a very crucial aspect because it is the basic unit that makes up a community. Family and religion interact in a vast and profound manner to shape the ways of the larger society. This is in consideration of that latter fact stated previously to the effect that it is the basic societal component. The convergence of religion and family creates a scenario in which both of them affect each other. In critical sense, religion shapes the family unit vastly as compared to how family affect religion. This is based on the fact that religion was the framework upon which family was invented and hence acts like the foundation. In particular, God created Eve using a rib from Adam 's body and sparked a union that based on which the contemporary family exists. It is, important to study the effects of religion with a view to understand how it can be used to improve the society as a whole. This paper seeks to identify and discuss in details how religion impacts the dynamics, values, and behavior of the family and the individuals that compose it.
Effect of Religion on Marriage
To start with, religion affects various aspects of marriage including cohesion and spiritual values. In regard to cohesion, religion entrenches ideologies that encourage respect and tolerance between the parties involved. Besides encouraging those supportive values, it…

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