The Controversy Of The England Essay

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England had been in religious turmoil for years after Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five theses to the door of the All Saints’ church in Whitenburg, sparking the protestant reformation. Over the years, English Puritans had risen to power in parliament and accused King Charles I of holding onto Catholic beliefs. Tensions between both King and parliament only increased in 1629. King Charles claimed his right to rule through divine right, dissolving the parliament of England altogether. Following this decision, along with the dismissal of hundreds of Puritan ministers by Archbishop William Laud, thousands of Puritans left England, seeking out religious freedom in the new world. Those who left were not the pilgrims who landed in Plymouth, as is more often than not mistaken. Instead the Puritans arrived in Massachusetts Bay on June 12th 1630, lead by John Winthrop, who wished to create a “City Upon the Hill.”, a model religious community in order to escape England’s corruption. Along with John Winthrop, nine hundred others came over seeking the same religious utopia. Unlike other colonies, such a Virginia, those who came over were not seeking out fortunes on their own, but instead came over with their families, planning to establish a long term independent, religious safe haven. This exodus would change the face of America forever, laying the foundation for the nation’s politics, economics, and social ideologies.
Due to the Puritans strong beliefs in the independence of the…

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