The Conservative Ascendancy By Professor Critchlow Essay

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In Professor Critchlow’s book “The Conservative Ascendancy”, we are provided history of the rise of the conservative right in modern America in the latter half of the twentieth century. We are delivered the earliest dilemmas after the crushing Goldwater defeat in 1964, through the rise and fall of the “Rockefeller” brand of Republicanism to Reagan through the Bush era. His history of the rise of conservative ascendancy from the earliest days of Goldwater forward brought back many memories and filled some gaps. Critchlow develops a comprehensive narrative of how the Republican party challenged the established Democratic majority which was still entrenched with a fusion of the last of the “New Dealers” as against the rising strength of the “New Left”. The Republican Party was essentially shattered after the 1964 election of Johnson, required it to rebrand the message into a more inclusive party. The ideology once split, slowly gathered unity. Its reinvention of itself with establishment of its political program challenged the increasing statist role of the Democratic Party. By widening the ideological divide – it attempted to cast off the extreme right-wing ideologies like the “John Birch Society.” However, as this revitalized Republican movement garnered support; there was in increased partisanship between them.
The Conservative Ascendancy captures the ever changing landscape of the GOP Right over the last sixty years. The book offers a story of how deeply held…

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