The Rise And Fall Of The Prank

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In an unusual, unfortunate turn of events, the prank had backfired. Well, not entirely backfired, for backfired would imply that Peter 's perpetually blushing cheeks were not painted with the soft white of a cream pie thanks to the Prewitt 's, Marlene 's heavy hand did not hit both Sirius and Peter in one swift arm movement and the Iguana that escaped from a region on James ' body we must not discuss did not scamper across the floor with its newly found freedom, all acts, of which, had occurred that fine Sunday afternoon. The 'backfiring ' part of the prank was not within its execution, but rather its repercussions. Where most pranks usually leave a lasting impact upon each individual; Remus still shudders at the thought of his purple face, James - to …show more content…
With wine stained lips and ringing ears, Walburga listened to her sister in law comment upon the party and Sirius ' 'utter destruction of a pair of gorgeous Louboutins. ' The information had come as no surprise to Walburga; Sirius ' rebellious nature had slowly been exposed through her random outbursts at dinner conversations and her choice of fashion. Instead, the words tumbling from Druella 's curled lips seemed to have a lasting effect within her mind, cutting and altering the image of Sirius and the future of their home, a home as ancient as the rules they abided in. She could not fathom her gorgeous progeny, one whose countenance had closely resembled her very own, slowly destroying the history of the house Black. She could not, and would not allow it. Thus, as she bid her sister in law adieu, she recited to the study where her husband sat sifting through paperwork, his gold rimmed reading glasses at the very bridge of his nose.

"Sirius needs a suitor." She found herself saying mindlessly, watching as Orion had peered up from his paperwork the moment her voice filled the

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