Doctors Role In The Holocaust

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The greatest challenge to understanding and preventing genocide is comprehending how seemingly normal citizens can murder those they live alongside. How can such transformations possibly be explained? Consider the particular works of Lifton and Browning”.

The Holocaust is essentially one of the most horrific and remembered acts of genocide within history, it’s estimated that “between 1941 and 1945, five to six million Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazi regime, its allies, and its surrogates in Nazi-occupied territories” . These killings were a result of racial detestation stemming from the distorted belief that the Jews “were agents of racial pollution and racial tuberculosis” . Due to these monstrous beliefs, millions of Jews were
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Doctors played a progressive role in the Nazi ideology, especially when the Nazi’s were looking for a more effective and effortless way of eradicating the Jews. Doctors were used not only to kill the Jewish, but to also sterilise; this was in order to remove the “maggot in a rotting corpse ” from society. These ‘seemingly normal’ and trusted citizens were responsible for the majority of deaths, tortures and barbaric experimentations implemented on thousands of individual’s placed in concentration camps . Doctors were solely responsible for the following methods of eradication: the transference of highly contagious and deadly diseases, starvation and the sterilisation and the murder of Jews via the lethal gas chambers . A doctor is a symbol of trust, hope and a figure of morality; therefore how can a doctor perform such malevolency? Especially when they’re already a form of authority within society? The persuasion and use of propaganda is one possible explanation, for the motivations and actions of the doctors who contributed to the Nazi

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