The Conflict Between America And The Soviet Union Essay

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At the conclusion of the Second World War, the tension between America and the Soviet Union are still very much prominent. The intense friction has roots in core values each world power pictured the postwar world would look like. America expressed their perception as basically a loss of nationality globally, and ridding of military alliances. They wanted an organization to govern every country and protect everyone’s right of self-determination. On the other hand, the Soviet Union envisioned the postwar world with Major world powers being able to control areas they were interested in. These fundamental differences sparked the shift from peacemaking to warfare. Roosevelt found himself with Churchill and Stalin again in February 1945 at a peace conference in the soviet city of Yalta. In return for Stalin agreeing to enter the pacific war, Roosevelt agreed that the Soviet Union was entitled to some land lost by Russia in the Russo- Japanese war. During the conference negotiators discussed means for a new United Nations. They agreed that the New United Nations would have a general assembly, which would allow for every member to be fully represented. They also wanted a security council that composed of the world 5 major powers, china, America, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. Each country would have veto power. The security would also represent other smaller nations with temporary delegates. The united states approved these agreements when they were drafted at a conference…

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