Why China Essay

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Why China?
China, the world’s second largest economy and home to over a billion people, is or will be a major market for most businesses. China exists in all supply chains or value chains, either as a consumer of certain goods and services or a manufacturer of a large number of goods and increasingly, a provider of services.
China is home to one of the most rapidly urbanizing populations, with 300 million migrating from rural areas to the cities. These people are potential consumers for many of the world’s goods. It also has one of the largest bank deposits in the world and has built up a huge manufacturing scale in the past 20 years. The Chinese internet is exploding with over 550 million users and rapidly growing.
All these reasons make a
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It also draws upon some really insightful anecdotes and incidents to support its claims. The author has done an extremely good job of actually reaching out to people within the Chinese bureaucracy and getting insider information on some major incidents.
One thing that the book lacks though, is more insight on why the Communist Party is the way it is. The book does not really discuss the reasons behind the Communist Party’s extreme secrecy other than stating that the Party and the Politburo do not want any alternative power centers in the country. Though, broadly speaking this seems like a valid point, more analysis is required to assess its veracity.
Another thing that the book lacks is a discussion on the future of Chinese polity and the role the Party and its leadership will play going in to the future as the Chinese economy slows down. From what I have read outside of the book, I believe that Party is undergoing a major transformation under the leadership of Xi Jingping and this will have a major impact on China. Though the book was written before this period, the slowdown plaguing the Chinese economy was imminent even when this book was written. A brief discussion on this would have been

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