The Comic V For Vendetta Essay

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In today 's society ideologies and ideals defined our most intimately set of values, feelings, and emotions. In fact, they acts as a lenses through which we see everything and everybody; these beliefs are often so close to us that we do not realize that they are there. Additionally, we simply think that our beliefs are natural, but in reality they are constructed by ideals and ideologies that society frequently creates in an effort to set specific norms or expectations so people can conform and followed.

To gain a better understanding of how ideals and ideologies shapes who we are and our actions it’s necessary to analyze the comic V for vendetta. In other words, in order to understand how identity can be constructed through ideals and ideologies a brief summary of V for vendetta is need. V for Vendetta is about a man who wants revenge and his desire to right the wrongs in his society. In fact, society it is under a fascist dictatorship, which uses extensive means to control the people. As a result, people freedom is restricted and oppressed. Moreover, V rescues a woman named Evey from a dangerous situation and takes her under his wing. V frequently appears almost from out of nowhere. While carrying out his vendetta against those that have oppressed him, in the Larkhill Resettlement Camp, in previous years. Also he gets revenge by blowing up government buildings. However, he reasons of V confinement are never revealed only that he suffered inhuman actions in the camp.…

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