The Color Purple Symbolism Analysis

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What is symbolism? Symbolism is the use of symbols to represent ideas, objects, or qualities. It helps the reader distinguish the literature in a deeper meaning. Short stories, novels, and literature revolve around the use of symbols. Anything from a character to an object can be used as a denotation. You see symbolism in just about everything you read or even see. Directors and Authors use it to create vivid pictures to the audience. For example, in The Color Purple, Purple represents a character in the movie named Cellie. Purple portrays all the deluxe things that were created to appreciate life. In the beginning of the movie Cellie is going through an inner conflict with herself and conflict with other people. Cellie can’t stand up for herself. She is scared to speak for herself. Her smile is ugly to her all because she was told her smile was the ugliest thing in the world. She has very low self-esteem for almost half of the movie. It wasn’t until she met Shug Avery, a famous singer, who taught Cellie to love herself for who she is and to enjoy all the good things in life. At the end of the movie Cellie adores herself and her surroundings. Cellie also learned not to take anything from anyone that she can do whatever she wants and be who ever she wants. She learned she didn’t have to be …show more content…
The main character Phoenix is a symbol of sacrifice. In the story phoenix sacrifices her life by traveling on the Natchez Trail into town. Scholar advisor suggest “Right from the poor eyesight to slow walking pace, there was nothing in her favor.” Mrs. Jackson already knew how bad her eyesight was. Her determination got the best of her so she kept pushing herself. The determination even got her to the point of hallucination when once she sat down to rest. She envisioned a little boy giving her a big piece of marble

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