The Color Purple By Alice Walker Essay examples

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Alice Walker, The Color Purple, illustrates Celie as an inferior woman to man. Struggle flows throughout the story with plot twist, abuse, and abandonment. Shug finds her way into the novel rescuing Celie from the abuse of Mr.__ to be an independent woman, also to find lost letters from her long lost sister, Nettie. Shug comes forth to the story hating Celie, but liking her right after. Shug stands up for Celie and suggest escaping from Mr.__ grasp of abuse. Celie idolizes Shug for being independent. Walker uses Shug to show Celie how to be independent to her own person.
Alice Walker, author of the color purple, captures an emotional novel with the relationships between two sisters with the viewpoint of a woman named Celie writing and reading letters from/to Nettie. Conflicts happens when Celie marries an abusive man name of Mr._ and serves him basically as his slave. "Mr._ blow smoke, look down at him, and say, yeah, I see now she going to switch the traces"(35). Mr._ is sexist and believes men should be superior to woman, even his own son.
Celie basically enslaved by men throughout her childhood. Her father (or later to be step father) rapes and beats her. She resulting in being pregnant of two children to, which end up getting toss out by her father. As time passes, Celie 's father decides she needs to marry, so he finds a man identified as Mr._. He becomes the antagonist as he controls Celie and make her life miserable. Alice Walker, The Color Purple quoted, "My wife…

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