Essay about The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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This lasting work of merit effectively expresses the most common themes of the genre: self-identity only becomes solidified through men, society doesn’t allow black women to have control of their own bodies, a woman’s happiness in a household is the last priority, and the assertion of black woman’s power is threatening to whit individuals. Another work of merit that expresses these same themes is Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple”, the novel walks the reader through Celia’s multiple struggles in which she struggles with self-identity. The main difference between this novel and Maya Angelou’s is that “The Color Purple” is slightly fantasized, whereas Angelou’s work was very real. The third and final novel that I studied is “The Bluest Eye”, this novel explains how society effects the mindset of a young black girl. This novel is not as similar as the other two, but does touch significantly on the common theme: society doesn’t allow black women to have control of their own bodies. Throughout all three novels the main characters bodies are used as a symbol of the lack of control these women have of their own bodies. All characters have suffered rape and physical abuse from a dominating man, clearly the genre expresses how harshly black women have been treated. Many characters didn’t even realize that what had happened to them was wrong due to society’s view that woman’s resistance is an act of defiance and should be frowned upon. African American Woman’s Literature is a genre…

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