Essay on The Color Purple By Alice Walker

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Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple portrays the hardships of the characters Celie and Nettie to represent the importance of race in the life of an African-American in the early 20th century. Born in 1944, Walker was raised in a “...small Southern town at a time when many blacks, like her parents, worked in the fields for pittance and when whites exerted control over practically every aspect of black life” (Christian). Throughout her years, Walker witnessed the division between whites and blacks and began to observe the bonds between black people. Walker’s life was filled with stories of what life was like as a slave for her elders. When Walker started to write, she let her experiences be her voice and become the root of her work. Walker used her work to fight against oppression and she used characters like Celie and Nettie to reveal the truth about the unfortunate life of an African-American in her time (Christian). Celie suffered abuse and discouragement from everyone who came into her life. She is automatically seen as less valuable because she is a black woman who lets others take advantage of her. But as Celie ages and meets other black women, she is able to improve her own view of herself, gaining individuality and confidence, and no longer submitting to the abuse of others. As Celie changes and grows, “[The] novel chronicles [her] growth from a dependent, defeated personality to an independent, liberated woman with drive” (Bates 89). Walker exemplifies Celie’s…

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