The Color Of Water By James Mcbride Essay

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The Color of Water: A Black Man’s Tribute to His White Mother by James McBride is the heartwarming memoir about James McBride and how his mother, Ruth McBride, helped to shape the man that he is today. Through this life long adventure, Ruth was not the only one to help shape James. Other family members and friends and the major events were also game changers in James’s life. Without his many trials and tribulations in life, he would have never discovered his true passion for music and journalism. His faith and belief in God also helped him in his discovery of self. “’In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.’ Proverbs 3:6” (Pg. 301) This quote helped James to push through all of his troubles and to grow up to become a husband, father, and man of God. Growing up, James always knew that he was different then his mother. James and all of his other twelve siblings were equally, if not more different from Ruth as well. He later discovered that the difference was in their skin color. Ruth was white and James, along with his other siblings, were black. Racial discrimination was a battle that could not be won by Ruth, for she married two black men and had twelve black children. At a young age, James picked out the difference, especially since he lived in places such as the Red Hooks Housing Projects in New York City, where African-Americans swarmed the streets and the only Caucasian face was Ruth. Unfortunately, the streets are also covered by the robbers and…

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