The Cold War Was Never A Good Idea Essay

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The cold war was never a good idea. There was no point point to the whole issue as no one gained anything from the proxy wars. There were a lot of things happening during the Cold War that could have been evaded.

The Cold War had two superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union, went head to head with each other. The Soviet Union was trying to influence the spread the idea of Communism to other countries like Korea and Vietnam. The United States opposed communism and attempted to contain it before the Soviet Union had too many countries converting to communism. During this war the two countries never directly fought each other with the risk of a nuclear war breaking out between them. With both superpowers having nuclear bombs, the risk was great. These events happened from the year 1945 to 1991. The war was an issue that involved a lot of countries that didn’t need to be fought over. The negative impacts of the countries fighting with nuclear bombs in places like Hiroshima which killed thousands. If more bombs were used and they were it could cause mass destruction.This war was a bad idea from the start.

During the Cold War countries that were apart of organisations like the Warsaw Pact, NATO and were not aligned during the war. The Warsaw Pact was a Pact apart of an alliance with the Soviet Union and other European Countries with a military and political pact. . The pact existed so that if one country was attacked another would defend them. The countries…

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