The Code Of Barbarians And Despots Essay

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“The right to hold human beings in perpetual and hopeless slavery is only found in the codes of barbarians and despots” (Levine 137). If this was the view of one Massachusetts’ congressman how did others feel about slavery and what did they do to stop the spread of slavery? Of course slaves fought against their bondage in subtle ways from within the perimeter of their plantation owners and their plantations that the slaves were forced to work on. Within Levine’s textbook he states that slaves resisted their masters or overseers by being clumsy, breaking tools, making the authority figure on the plantation explain the task multiple times, and slowing their working pace therefore the expectations of the slave owner were decreased from that specific slave (Levine 144). In this method of resisting slavery slaves were still stuck on the plantations so what good did this resisting actually do? What else was done to aid in the fight against slavery from within? Slaves were not the only population that fought to try to end slavery. Yes, in the view of the political stand point there were a few politicians that were fighting to end the spread of slavery into new territories, such as the unsettled territories gained from the war with Mexico, and ending slavery’s full existence. This process took a large amount of time because not all politicians had the same views over slavery and how it was “repugnant to humanity” as said by Patrick Henry (Levine 5). Obviously most politicians from…

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