The Coal Power Of The City Essay

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As a certified clean county Hardin county and Elizabethtown are dedicated to keep the streets and surrounding areas clean of trash and debris to help protect the natural environment; however, this is just an ascetic appearance to the general public. Hardin County could become more than just a certified clean county, but become an example of a true clean county by also reducing our impact on the environment. As an attempt to begin these steps forward I propose that we reduce the amount of power the city consumes from outsourced energy sources for some of the cities’ basic utilities, such as signal lights, and subsidize these with renewable energy sources. As trailblazers we can become an example to others leading the way into greener energy and reducing our dependence on coal power.
The greatest barrier that we are faced with when approaching this transition is how dependent we as a people are on our current power providers and our fear of new changes to our current livelihood. It is true that cost verses output is a major reason we use coal power a lot of this is due to the availability of coal. This product is in large abundance in eastern Kentucky where fortunately it does create a lot of jobs for those who live in that area. There is a well-placed transport system to move the mined product to power plants making it a cheap and efficient access when needed. Also as the power grid becomes smarter the companies are able to regulate how much coal is needed at one time. These…

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