The Clutter Family In In Cold Blood By Truman Capote

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Imagine reading a book detailing the senseless slaying of four innocent lives and actually feeling sorry for the brutal killers. The book In Cold Blood by Truman Capote illustrates the murdering of the Clutter Family. The book appears to be a tell all about the killers’ and how their backgrounds and family history played a key role in how they got the title of cold blooded killers’. The Clutters were what some would call the perfect american family. They seemed to have everything that anyone could ask for. Even though the Clutters didn 't do any wrong to others they could not stop the wrong that was done to them. Truman Capote wants the readers to feel sorry for the killers’. He wants readers to sympathize with them so the readers get an understanding …show more content…
Dick was the son of two wonderful parents. His parents were described as loving and caring parents. Dick only had one other sibling which was a younger brother. The family was poor and did not have much money but they still got along ok. Dick was a wonderful student. He managed to get straight A’s and was able to letter in nine different sports.Dicks father described him with awe saying “An outstanding athlete—always on the first team at school. Basketball! Baseball! Dick was always a star player. A pretty good student, too, with A marks in several subjects. Lord, I wish the Lord could tell me what happened, because I don 't know what happened" (166). Dick even wanted to go to college but due to his lack of money he never got to go to college which he somewhat resented his parents for. None the less however Dick went on to work really hard and ended up finding a job as a mechanic at a body shop. Later on Dick ends up falling in love with a 16 year old girl and marries her. The two had three little boys together. After they got married however Dick got into a serious car accident and left him with head injuries. Dick then became sexuall involved in another women and that causes his wife to leave him and after the divorce is when Dick really began to start drinking. Due to the drinking Dick began to neglect his business and he started writing bad checks in order to pay for his expenses. Dick ends up getting caught for the bad checks where he also meets

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