The Civil War And The Freedom Of Slaves Essay

1049 Words Jul 21st, 2016 5 Pages
America is equal and America is free: is a saying I have heard many times throughout my life as a student. In elementary school, we learned about the American Revolution and the fight for freedom and equality against the British. We learned about the Civil War and the freedom of slaves. We learned about the Industrial Revolution and how people immigrated over to America from Europe and found a better life. We learned about the Civil Rights movement and how the abolishment or Jim Crow lead to the equality of black and white people. We learn about the American Dream, the idea that with hard work, dedication, and the drive to improve anyone can be successful in American society. The America I learned about was the country people on the North Shore want to believe in, but it is not the country we live in. People like to say the North Shore lives in a bubble, void of an economic or social inequality. But even here, there is still a major wage gap, an immobility to move upwards in society, and extreme racial inequalities. The North Shore needs to know that the achievement of the American Dream, by North Shore standards, is almost inaccessible to minorities and people on the lower end of a rigidly stagnant class system. First, people in the working-class or in poverty have very little success in achieving the American Dream because of education/income inequality. The income gap limits the opportunities of the working class and widens the advantages of the richest Americans.…

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