The Civil Rights Of African Americans And Minorities Essay

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Thurgood Marshall grew up a minority, but valiantly gained a voice as he fought for the rights of not only himself, but other minorities as well who lacked a proper voice and equal rights enjoyed by white citizens of the United States. He was born into a century that would be monumental for African Americans and minorities alike. Although the century began with heavy segregation, discrimination, and violence against the African American community, its conclusion would produce an active voice for individuals of that community as well as other minorities. Marshall, much like his African American counterparts, dealt with the same threats posed against others (Ball 18). He faced racism and discrimination, and threats of violence, but bravely used the law to fight the injustices of racism and discrimination. He grew up in a family that taught him how to argue and challenge the logic of any piece of knowledge he gained, or any experience he lived (Ball 15-17). This would later become influential in his career choice of becoming a lawyer, leading him into some of the most prominent positions within American society ranging from assistant In special council in the NAACP (Ball 54), the main lawyer to the NAACP (Ball 56), federal judge in the court of appeals in New York (Ball 180-185), Solicitor General for the United States (Ball 188-191), and finally, Supreme Court Justice for the United States Supreme Court (Ball 192). The amount of adversity that Marshall had overcome and…

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