The Civil Rights Movement Of America Essay

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There has never been a better time to be black in America than now as we continue to preserver. “The Civil Rights Movement, which was essentially integrationist gave black people in the U.S their first major accomplishments of the decade.” (Karenga 2010 Pg.153) Black people have shaped the underlying values and attitudes that has changed the way we can live in America today. Continuing to progress politically, economically and socially, Black America is in a state of transition. Although being black in America wasn’t always great and for some it still isn’t. Black people will continue to fight for equal America, and there is no better time to do so than now. Being black in America means that you work twice as hard and that’s what’s makes our Purpose unique, we share the need to learn to love each other. “Black Power is not a recent or isolated phenomena: it has grown out of the ferment of agitation and activity by different people and organizations in many black communities over the years” (Karenga 2010 Pg.157). “Black Power can be divided into four basic tendencies or thrust: 1) the religious thrust; 2) the cultural thrust; 3) the political thrust; and 4) the economic thrust” (Karenga 2010 Pg.158).

Police racism has been an ongoing problem for Black America in 2016. (Police abuse and brutality is an enduring problem for African Americans, especially young black males, involving cases of profiling, framing, beating, torture, shooting and killing. These police practices…

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