The Churchill Room At Goodenough College Essay

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The Churchill Room

There is no doubt that ethnographic studies can vary depending on scope, details presented, audience targeted, researching skills of the writer, objectives aimed at and several other associated motives. Primarily aiming at acquiring the benefits of developing what Clifford Geertz calls as “thick description” in his book The Interpretation of Cultures (1993), this essay will examine the daily activities in a public space called the Churchill Room at Goodenough College in London. The Churchill Room is a massive room with a high curved roof and beautifully decorated walls in Goodenough College. Indicating a complex orthographic projection, an impressive entrance with a sweeping stairways guide into a large floor, partly covered by laterally organised wooden chairs and tables that can be redesigned to suit a perceived activity. Long and narrow windows, covered by sparkly blue curtains, refract a spectrum of soft afternoon light beams to the shiny floor. Moreover, decorated with framed photographs of the royal family and saints, the walls of the amazing room show a glimpse of a historical and religious past. With dim light conquering all the space, the Churchill Room accommodates numerous and varied activities organised by its student users according to the observation. Typically, different from each other, nevertheless, collectively forming a ‘social reality,’ an investigation of the daily activities in the Churchill Room has…

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