The, Choice, Not Chance Determines Destiny By Aristotle Essay

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The quote, “Choice, not chance determines destiny” by Aristotle is a quote that can be connected to the story of Moby Dick in many different ways, but at the same time can be hard to follow when comparing the truth in the statement against the book. As Ishmael journeys through the unknown sea in search of Moby Dick he realizes that he has made this decision, whether it be right or wrong, and must follow through with it now. It is a decision that puts him there on the ship, and one that keeps him there as well. It is also a decision of his to stay and sleep with Queequeg and befriend him though he is a cannibal. Maybe it is chance though that puts him with Queequeg instead of another sailor. It could be chance that they end up aboard the Pequod. After all it does not have to be there, in port, at the time that Queequeg and Ishmael are there. Plus it is debatable whether it is chance or choice that puts them aboard the ship with decent lays as crewmen. All of the things in life are either brought by chance or are the leftover effects of a past choice. There are so many times in the book when it is chance, though it seems as though it is purely choice that things happen that way. Like when they find Moby Dick and they are crushed and thrown, it is unknown as to whether the beast itself makes that choice or chance was part of what causes the whale to do that damage out of fear and chaos. Captain Ahab portrays the whale as a smart one that does think, but nobody really knows…

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