The Children Who Stutter ( Pws ) Essay

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Before listening to the stories of “Recovered” People who Stutter (PWS), I thought I had a basic understanding of what stuttering was, the feelings that pertained to stuttering, and the treatment techniques that Speech-Language Pathologists used in therapy. The following speakers, I chose to listen to, were panelists at ASHA Conventions through the years 1996-2011: Kristin Chemela, Barry Guitar, Lawerence Molt, William Murphy, Lois Nelson, and David Shapiro. Listening to these panelists greatly changed my outlook on stuttering, specifically in the areas of recovery, understanding experiences of PWS, and paths toward recovering from stuttering. While listening to the panelists, I began to notice an overwhelming trend of commonalities related to stuttering. Each of the presenters commented on specific moments in their life when stuttering impacted them in a negative way. Some of the memories were of the presenter’s childhood while others were in their college years. For example, Molt described a memory of attending a college party. He was not able to bring himself to leave his car and enjoy the party due to his feelings of shame and disgust he had for his stuttering (Molt, 2004). Additionally, Chmela described her negative experience with being bullied in school for her disfluencies. The bullying drove her to throw a coke can at an individual’s face (Chmela, 2011). Multiple presenters were able to specifically name people who had made fun of them for their stutter.…

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