The Characters Of Morality In The Chrysalids By John Wyndham

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The Chrysalids by John Wyndham is a scientific story of the future. Taken place after a nuclear holocaust that was sent by tribulation. The story is based on a very religious community called ‘’Waknuk’’, they believe in the ‘’True Image Of God’’ and anything that is not the image of god is known as a deviant, and will face great hardships. All the characters in this book are faced with different situations that will affect their future. I chose to write my essay on how and why Mrs. Wender is such a likeable person. In this novel The Chrysalids character, Martie Wender is a mother whose child was born with an extra toe on her foot. This made Mr. and Mrs. Wender to live in fear of being caught hiding a ‘’Blasphemy’’, and having
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An example is - is that Martie Wender immediately attends Sophie’s hurt foot, and while she does this, she hugs and kisses Sophie, then carries her upstairs. ‘’Oh my darling!’, she said while holding and kissing her’’ (Wyndham pg.10) Martie Wender also shows forgiveness as to when Sophie had to show David her hurt foot to get it out of the rock. David recalls that she ‘’nodded slowly, she sighed’’, Because Martie Wender was upset that someone new about the secret, she forgave anyway. Although there are many reasons as to why Martie Wender’s personality is extremely likable, one kind gesture Martie Wender does is when David and Sophie were going to the stream, she made them nets and allowed them to borrow a jar. In the text it says ‘’Later we went there armed with two small nets that Mrs. Wender had made, and a jar for the catch.’’ (Wyndham pg.42) Also, when the Wender’s had to leave town, from the people of Waknuk, she was honest and showed a side to David he has never received from his own mother. ‘’She sat down on a stool, and held her arms out to me, I went to her’ ‘’I want you to come, but for Sophie’s sake we don’t do it.’’ 'Mrs. Wender bent down to kiss me too’ ‘’Goodbye dear!’’ ‘She touched my bruised cheek’ ‘’We’ll never forget’’ (Wyndham pg.49) Based on this information in the text, Martie Wender’s personality is also very …show more content…
Wender is- is her character background. Although in the novel Martie Wender didn’t have a background, we learned in a brief quote that she was faced with some kind of hardship. This quote which made us connect and grow a stronger liking to her. Allowed us to feel sympathy for what it could have been. In the text, David witnesses ‘’Tears stood in her eyes’, Oh Johnny dear. Why are you so sweet to me, when all I’ve brought you is-?’’ (Wyndham pg.46) This quote answered so much but created a large amount of questioning. What happened? Another thing that is likeable from her background is how prepared she is. The Wenders family is always on the run, and scared, but Martie Wender has everything always ready. ‘’Not long Johnny. I’ve kept things nearly ready , always’’ (Wyndham pg.46) Because of all the unanswered questions of her past. Whatever happened is impacting her whole family 's lives in the present. Because Martie Wender has a secret likable past, she is faced with multiple conflicts that add to our sympathy and growing of liking to her

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