Heart Of Darkness Literary Criticism

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Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad is a fantastic novella and the author’s famous work. Primarily, it has gained its popularity due to the unique and interesting plot, which entices the readers. Specifically, the main story of the book revolves around the voyage down the Congo River and describes the peculiar adventures and events that happened with the captain of the ship and his brigade during their trip. In addition, besides the thrilling plot, the composition is known for the unusual depiction of the main characters. The author managed to endow his heroes with the complex features, which seem to be very realistic for the readers. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to examine one of the book’s main characters Charlie Marlow …show more content…
Specifically, considering the fact, that Conrad was also a sailor, it is possible to presume that this novella contains some patterns of autobiography. Apparently, the author sought to endue his characters with the features that were intrinsic to him. However, despite this, the famous novelist created diverse dramatis personae, which seem to be opposite. In addition, the author provided the audience with enough information according to which it is possible to construct a detailed description of Marlow’s character.
Charlie Marlow is a thirty-two years old sailor, who eagerly want to achieve the desirable and find the man named Kurtz. Nevertheless, concerning the physical description of the hero, the book does not contain many facts about it. Thus, the author solely characterizes Marlow, as a person “with sunken cheeks, a yellow complexion, a straight back, an ascetic aspect, and, with his arms dropped, the palms of hands outwards, he resembled an idol” (Сonrad, 2008 p. 3). Hence, it is possible to assume that Mr. Marlow is a handsome and charming man, who does not have much likeness with a common image of a
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According to the book, he often lies to people either to reassure them or to justify personal needs. Nevertheless, this man, himself, hardly can accept when someone deceives. In the story, he states, “I hate, detest, and can’t bear a lie” (Conrad, 2008 p. 42). Therefore, Charlie Marlow is, indeed, a peculiar character. At the beginning, he makes an impression of a positive hero, and an ideal person, but gradually, his dark side appears and it is possible to notice that he is imperfect with his flaws and sins.
Charlie Marlow is an adventurer, who constantly travels around the world in order to get new impressions and learn new information. Unfortunately, his journey to Africa was dark and traumatic. Observing the situation there and the position of the people in the colonial country, Marlow became very impressed. In addition, during his journey, he often had to witness the violent behavior of Europeans towards the natives. Consequently, this experience had a huge influence on Marlow and made him reconsider his opinions about life and human’s

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