The Changing Priorities Of The United States Essay

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In the U.S., the biggest changes in the family are in its structure and changing priorities. In the past century, and particularly in recent decades, the definition of the family has widened to be inclusive of a spectrum of family structures, not just nuclear or traditional families. Less people are getting married and the divorce rate has increased, as have single parent homes and cohabitation, while birth rates have decreased. Ideas about gender roles in families have also been challenged with the women’s rights movement and the legalization of same sex marriage. There has also been an increase in interracial and interreligious marriages. (Moore and Asay, pg. 28, 35).
Vasant and Champa had an arranged, traditional Indian marriage and a traditional nuclear family, one that also fits traditional definitions of family in the US, even if the marriage traditions are very different. Part of the reason why Ravi’s parents were so resistant to the idea of him dating outside their own culture, other than just their commitment to their culture, is that they perceive other cultures, in this case American culture, entering their family, as a threat to several family functions like support and stability. Because of American families moving away from the traditional structure, which is generally viewed as the more stable model. Because of this, the introduction of American values and priorities could be seen by some as a destabilizing factor, and this probably leads people to place and…

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