Implementing Changes In An Organization

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Change in an organization can be very rewarding and gives an association the opportunity to grow if change is implemented in the right way. Alterations allow an organization to stay competitive, to challenge the competition and to satisfy customer needs. Implementing changes may present many challenges to a corporation. Changes are especially challenging to an organization if most of their employees do not believe in the company’s process or simply because they do not care. This can cause an institute to lose its supporters, its trust and its ability to profit. In this type of situation, it is up to the managers or leaders to step in, in order to influence and provide guidance for all employees. Ensuring that everyone is onboard with the proposed …show more content…
On the other hand, the disadvantages include the difficulty in establishing creditability within a system as well as within personnel’s abilities . External changes include people that are brought in from outside the organization, such as consultants, who have no ties to the organization and will not be influenced by the organization status, culture or tradition. Consultants are able to bring new ideas, add a different prospective and challenge upper management visions and methods. They may also prove challenging when build relationships and familiarizing themselves with organizational beliefs and accepted behavior. The huge advantage of using a consultant from the outside is their objectivity and honesty in their feedback. Their outsider perspective allows them to speak openly without fear of backlash. The disadvantage is that the cost for a consultant can be very expensive, and they may not have a working knowledge and understanding of company culture. In addition, the change may by short lived because of the organization lacking the ability to maintain the momentum and leadership support after the consultant …show more content…
Change in an organization usually affects people in different ways and if they are reluctant to adapt to the organization, both internal and external alterations can decrease profit and trust within the community. However, if individuals are willing to embrace the necessary changes that are implemented as well as willing to keep have an open mind, it is possible for an organization to find

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