Organizational Change Theory Paper

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Stakeholder involvement is critical to the success in the planning of change in any organization. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to include the employees, board of directors, managers and investors in the planning process because these are the primary individuals who will be significantly impacted by adapting to the new policies, procedures and new culture. Furthermore, Wanyama (2013) stated that organizations must involve its stakeholders, particularly in the preparation phase of the changes in order to obtain sufficient contributions which may be extremely valuable in attaining a competitive advantage. Moreover, stakeholder engagement aids to improve organizations Corporate Responsibility and sustainability performance. However, …show more content…
“The Force Field Analysis also expands the evaluation beyond the data itself to look at qualitative factors that may have an impact on the success or failure of the decision being analyzed (, 2014 par. 5)”.
Disadvantages of the Lewin’s 3 phases Change Theory
1. The change model seems good on paper, however the implementation lacks considering the interest of human beliefs and experiences can have a significant negative outcome. For example, whenever employees become excited about the new change, sometimes leaders may over look the feelings, attitudes, past concerns of other employees. This may cause the organization to encounter resistance to change (, 2014).

2. Force field analysis demands everyone’s participation in order to provide an accurate data for the analysis to be effective. However, whenever full participation is not carried out, these results are unrealistic and does not provide the proposing and opposing driving forces (, 2014).

3. It is a high probability that the analysis will not result in a consensus among the group. It tends to cause a division in the group between those who support the decision and those who are against it (, 2014). (2014) identifies the advantages and disadvantages of the Kotter’s 8 step change model: These

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