The Chains Of Brazil And Indigenous People Essay

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The Chains of Brazil
Indigenous people were the first slaves in Brazil. The settlers stopped using indigenous people as slaves due to them spreading disease to their owners. The settlers then decided to utilize Africans as slaves. The first ship of African slaves arrived in Brazil around 1570. Brazil was ultimately the last place to eradicate slavery and it was not completely enforced until the 1850’s. Between 1570 and 1850 four to five million Africans had been shipped overseas to endure the life as a slave on plantations, mines, and in the cities of Brazil. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of slavery is “Someone who is legally owned by another person and is forced to work for that person without pay.” In this essay I will demonstrate the progression and practices of slavery in Brazil, first of all, many people used religion as a way to justify the use of slavery, then the truth came out, and people wanted to rid themselves of work with free forced labor, and last of all, by getting slaves to do the owners work for free made them financially prosperous and greedy. First of all, many people used religion as a way to justify slavery. The letter Pero Vaz de Cahminha was written in the fifteen hundreds and is about the Portuguese and how they stumbled upon Brazil and its natives. In the letter Vaz de Caminha is speaking to the king about the Brazils’ native people and he says, “There can easily be stamped upon them whatever belief we wish to give…

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