The Iranian Hostage Crisis

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The Iranian Hostage Crisis was a stressful time for the United States because innocent civilians were trapped for four hundred and forty-four days in a country that was going through a revolution and now have a strong hatred towards the Unites States. The Iranian Hostage Crisis, which lasted from 1979-1981, had many events before and during the captivity that is now described as a crisis.
Beginning in 1953, a new Shah came to power, named Muhammad Reza Pahlavi. In the same year the people wanted Dr. Mohammad Mossadeq as their Prime Minister because they were not too fond of the Shah that the United States and the British put in power. The Shah finally gave in to the pressure from his people and appointed Dr. Mossadeq Prime Minister (Andrew
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They called the United States “The Great Satan” (Bowden). These students wanted more than the Muhammad Pahlavi returned to Iran to stand trial for all the murders while in office ( Staff “Iran”). They also wanted the United States to have absolutely no interference in their country along with support for their new leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini ( Staff “Iran”). On Day One of what would be later known as the Iranian Hostage Crisis, a woman by the name of Elizabeth Ann Swift makes a call to Washington D.C. Operation Center seventh floor. She was on the line on and off for about two and a half hours giving updates on what was going on before her hands were tied and she was blindfolded (Yergin 700). Swift’s last words to Washington were, “We’re going down” (Yergin 700). Khomeini decided to let the African-Americans, women, and non United States citizens go because he considered them oppressed by the stereotypical American society (white males) (Bowden). The hostages were treated badly while they were held. They were blindfolded, they could not talk, they were rarely were given new clothes to change into, and they were put in front of cameras to show that the Iranians had the power and a taunt towards the United States ( Staff

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