Essay about The Causes Of The French Revolution

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For more than 100 years, France had been the largest and most powerful European nation. Beneath the appearance of stability however lay the seeds of revolution within a few months in1789, king Louis lost his power to make laws, and eventually people’s elected representative voted for his execution. The causes of the French revolution were very complex. Since the middle age, French society had been divided into three separate estates. In the mid-1700s discontent grew among the people of all three estates. The first estate, composed of the catholic clergy had long been resented for its privileges because they paid no taxes. The second estate the aristocracy was also resented because of its long standing privilege. The aristocracy also occupied the highest positon in the government and army. Together the first two estates held most of the power and wealth in France. The third estate included everybody else in France- the majority of the population. They were required to pay feudal dues to their lords. They paid rents for the land they worked as well as the heaviest government tax known as Taille. Many people felt that their wealth entitled them to a greater degree of social status and political power. These urban workers included craft men, merchants, and bankers. They were paid low wage frequently out of work. They often went hungry. If the cost of the bread rose mobs of this worker would attack the grain carts and shop to steel what they needed. The third estate wanted the…

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