The Causes Of Eating Disorders In The Media

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Models today are usually unnaturally thin. These models are literally 'dying ' to be thin. Eating disorders are said to date back to the 12th and 13th century. (Deans “A History of Eating Disorders”)
The cause of these disorders are most of the time ruled of as genetic problems. But with the increase of internet use over the past ten years, eating disorders being caused by genetic problems can be called into question. Advertisements of thin bodies can be seen on numerous media. The high demand for everyone to look thin has made the standards of beauty hard to meet. Many people have developed eating disorders trying to meet these standards. Some of the most common eating disorders today are anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating. As a result young/teens
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Opponents argue that to much emphasis is being put on cultural factors, from television to fashion to sports. (“Eating Disorders” 2007) The fashion industry is not striving to make changes to the requirements of models. Many oppose weight related rules in the industry. Those that oppose the rules argue that models are selected for a variety of reasons like what size they wear and unusual thinness. (“Thin Fashion Models” 2007) Some opponents seem to be the designers of the clothing models are wearing. Making weight requirements for models infringes on designers creative freedom, opponents charge, which takes away from the value of what the designers produce. (“Thin Fashion Models” 2007) Wealthy women also have a word in the requirements. Opponents believe that the affluent women who buys high-end clothing wants the smaller sizes. (“Thin Fashion Models 2007) The opponents have strong views on the role media plays with body image. In summary, there are many negative contributors to eating disorders and poor body image. The media is a large part when it comes to these disorders. Some eating disorder contributors are television, magazines and the internet. The way people are categorized today has so much power that it could make someone change for the worse. The fashion industry gives women the wrong idea, that they must look attractive and sexy. Instead of telling people how to look, the media should be building a love for every body type and stop the negative influence on young

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