The Causes And Effects Of Eating Disorders Among Young Women

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There are many eating disorders, and in this day and age a lot of people have these eating disorders. Whether a person feels unhealthy, yearns to be thin, or eats based upon their emotions, one thing is true about eating disorders. They are popular among the current generation. People are not satisfied with their bodies. They are not satisfied with their diets. Maybe they are not satisfied with themselves. A lot of people around the world think that eating disorders are more popular among younger females. Is that really the case? It most certainly could be. In one study, it was recorded that physical appearance and weight mattered less to the men than it did to the women. Besides this study, many others display information regarding whether …show more content…
One eating disorder is dieting. Women may struggle with their body image and they may feel certain that dieting is the only option to obtain the body that they want. Excessive dieting is when it becomes a huge problem. Binging is another eating disorder problem. Binging is an excessive eating problem. A person eats too much food for their body to handles. The person that binges may also be the person that purges. To purge means to get rid of something. When a person purges, they force themselves to throw up violently until there is no longer any food in their system. People do not necessarily binge eat before they purge. Some people simply purge after a normal meal. Despite the fact, purging is very bad for a person’s body. Before a person begins to take on these eating disorders, they have struggles. It is reported that individuals who struggle with their weight tend to be more prone to develop eating disorders. They may compare their body weight to another person’s body weight, and that makes the situation even worse. Individuals that are not happy with the way that their bodies look also tend to develop eating disorders. They feel the need to look like other individuals, and have a desire for a certain body look. This may cause them to use drastic measures to try and feels pretty in their own bodies. Another issue that occurs before a person develops an eating disorder is that they might over eat. A person may eat when they are sad, angry, or anxious. This over eating may cause them to develop a dependence on food. That, in turn, can cause them to develop and eating disorder. (Smart &

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