The Cats Of Mirikitani By Linda Hattendorf Essay

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The Cats of Mirikitani is a Linda Hattendorf documentary that tells the story of an elderly Japanese American street artist that lives near Washington Square in SoHo district of New York City. The documentary begins in 2001, detailing how “Jimmy” Mirikitani lived on the street and made money by selling his drawings. Jimmy kept his belongings in a shopping cart and set up a makeshift table beside a storefront. In the aftermath of the Twin Towers collapse, the documentary maker invited Jimmy into her home to escape the toxic cloud that spread over lower Manhattan during the disaster, and he ended up staying with her while she tried to procure a permanent place for Jimmy to live. During her time with Jimmy, Linda discovers that he had lived in Hiroshima growing up and had spent time in Tule Lake internment camp during World War II. He had lost most of his family in the Hiroshima bombing and had been separated from the remainder while he was in the internment camp.
Jimmy had faced many stressors in his life, and those stressors culminated in the homeless “master artist” that we met in the documentary. This paper will begin an examination of Jimmy’s challenges in living within a biological, psychological, social and spiritual context. Through Erikson’s psychosocial developmental theory, we will discuss how Jimmy has been affected on a personal level, and we will look at his social situation through the lens of ecological systems theory. Lastly, we will explore the effect of…

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