The Catholic Church Teaches Seven Principles Of Social Teaching

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The Catholic Church teaches seven principles of social teaching, and in those teachings are the dignity of a human being, call to a particular group or family and to participate, rights and responsibilities, giving to the wellbeing of the poor, dignity and rights of workers, solidarity, and lastly care for god’s creation. The Chesapeake Bay has been degraded by pollution, manmade and natural change over the course of many years. But many young adults can make a change and help out by taking part in restoration programs like cleanups around the waterways, tree planting, and simple acts such as walking and picking up trash. The Catholic Church and its followers have also taking measures to help the Chesapeake Bay improve by holding programs and volunteering in services around the area. The church teaches everyone to care for God’s creation, and by helping restore the Chesapeake Bay is fulfilling that wish, and the Stewards of the Bay go on to say that “As God’s people, we are called to this task—respectfully taking care of God’s creation for its own sake, so that present and future generations may live on it and enjoy all of its fruits” ( Since the early 1600’s the Chesapeake Bay has lost many of its underwater features such as species of plants, like underwater grasses and species of fishes like finfish due to human pressure. As pollution in the bay is no help as well, as it caused degrading measures in water quality. The flourishing wetlands and aquatic…

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