The Catcher Of The Rye, By F. Salinger Essay

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The Catcher 's Mitt In life human 's tend to hold special objects that symbolize, represent them or their progress in their journey. They feel the presence of someone in the object and therefore keep it as a form of connection. In the novel, The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden Caulfield a 16yr old teen is looking for guidance in his life, feeling alone and trying to find his true meaning and destiny. He has a lack of trust to adults because he believes that they are "phonies". Since he can 't look for guidance in adults he looks for it in his brothers Allie and D.B. and his sister Phoebe. Those are the only people who he really expresses his feelings and shares a special connection too. Allie 's mitt is a symbolizes more than what meets the eye. Holden has so much respect for Allie and having the ability to keep something that represented Allie so well, is a true honor for him. Throughout the whole novel, Holden holds a special relationship with Allie and wants to make sure to never forget what he has learned from Allie, keeping his presence with him to guide and make the best decisions possible. Since it holds such a special meaning to him he only shows it to one other person out of the family being Jane. Three main connections that Allie 's mitt symbolizes to Holden are his emotional expressions, Allie 's life and death and the respect and influence of wanting to become more like Allie which leads him to being "the catcher in the rye". Allie 's mitt…

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