The Catcher In The Rye And The Lower Class Analysis

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The lower class in the United States experiences a dissatisfaction within society due to their inability to achieve the standards set by the upper class as portrayed by American Authors, yielding an immense hatred for those above them in social ranking. American Authors feed off of angry emotions within American life and harness it to fuel their novels and increase general interest in the charecters. By painting a picture of the snobbish social elite who look down on those who do not fit their specific mold of perfection, authors use their novels to explain the hatred of the upper class. One of the most obvious example of this is in the novel The Catcher in the Rye. The narrator, Holden, comes from a wealthy family, attends swanky boarding …show more content…
Dick, and all his talk about a rich man’s safe, and here I am crawling on my belly to steal a child’s silver dollar.” Perry hates that members of the upper class have such a comfortable life while he has to scrounge around for whatever money he can get his hands on. It fills him with embarrassment that, for his own mental health, he turns into a deep loathing as a coping mechanism. American Authors see this distaste within the nation’s public and want to expand on it, to put it into words and make the feeling better understood. Further explaining this pattern, in a real world setting, social scientist Gigi Lam published an academic journal stating, “It is no doubt that the diminution of family resources carries a heavy bearing toward the academic performance.” This means that people who are raised in the lower class have less money, and therefor get a worse education than those in the U.S. upper class. This divide in education furthers the social divide, as seen in A Streetcar Named Desire, The Catcher in the Rye, and In Cold Blood. This separation of the social classes makes people feel alienated, as if they aren’t good enough to fit into society, dividing the American people and fueling the anger and hatred burning throughout the rift exploited by the nation’s

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