Susan Gaspell's Trifles

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Susan Glaspell has had many hats over the years as reporter, play writer and a short story author. Susan Glasspell’s main work deprives from a news report she did when she was a reporter. The Hossack case was a very popular murder case back in the nineteen hundreds. In this case a women names Margaret Hossack was sleeping in her bed when her husband John Hossack was killed by someone who hit him repeatedly in the head with a axe. This case was notorious because Margaret calmed she slept through the whole thing, women were viewed as property and would never do anything to harm the man of the house. Susan Glasspell was the head reporter later making a spin off of the murder into a play and a short story. In this paper I’ll be talking about how …show more content…
When she started she coved the news of statehouse politics. After a few months she was put on a new story of the Hossack case and was made the office reporter(Bryan). Susan Gaspell studied the scene and followed the whole legal process so type the most credible articles. Over the years Susan Gaspell re-wrote the reports of the murder case into a play called Trifles. In this play there was all the same people their but names were changed so she would have her own unique story. After studying the Hossack case Susan Gasped notices there was only seven influential people in the case so in her play Trifles she decided to focus on just those seven and keep it simple. The seven characters are Gorge Henderson-county attorney, Henery Peters-Local sheriff, Mrs. Peters Wife of the sheriff, Mrs. Hale Neighbor of the Wrights,Mr Wright the murdered man and finally Mrs …show more content…
Susan Glaspell changed the names of the men and women and how the murder happened. In the beginning of the play it shows
Lewis Hale, Mrs. Peters, and Mrs. Hale at John Wright 's farmhouse, describing Mrs Wright acting weird but when the men ask to see the body the women went into the kitchen. When in the kitchen some of the women felt bad about not coming over to check on her because they know the situation was bad but the women had to stay true to their man. In the kitchen the women found the quilt with messed up stitching knowing she was nerves when Mr.Wright was around. The women noticed a bird cage with no bird wondering were the bird was they kept talking in the kitchen about the abuse going on and how they wished they coulda been her friend but because she probably had no friends just a drunk abusive husband. When getting the last jar of cherries for Mrs Wright they found a box of sowing stuff but something was wrapped in a cloth and it was the bird. The birds neck was snapped. The women went and concluded that the bird was probably her only friend and form of release so when Mr. Wright broke the birds neck it was the last stall for Mrs. Wright so she took revenge and slipped a rope around Mr. Wrights head and strangled his just

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