Essay about The Case Of Jean And Griff

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Undoubtedly inter-adult violence, single parenthood, and demographics are linked to elevated parent-child discord with mothers. However, in the case of Jean and Griff, dissent is also a by-product of corresponding factors and variables in the relationship structure; propagated by contextual influences including: psychological stress and social pressure, changes to familial structure, variations in individual roles and responsibilities, relationship quality, and content and quality of the mothers interpersonal interactions (Laursen & Collins as cited in Laursen, 2005, p. 48; Laursen, 2005, p. 48).
Relationship Quality
At the start of the film, Jean and Griff display an almost egalitarian relationship. Both characters displayed, “temperamentally positive affectivity” (Davenport, Yap, Simmons, Sheeber, & Allen, 2011. p. 829) towards one another. The mother-daughter pair appeared to operate as a unit and obstacles were handled using joint decision making and positive problem solving. Despite their dire circumstances, the pair exhibited visible signs of closeness and moments of reciprocity based on a strong emotional tie. Given the dyad’s limited financial, psychosocial, and family resources, their interpersonal relationship holds great mutual importance.
The opening scene of the film poignantly illustrates the synergistic relationship between relationship quality, connectedness, dyadic conflict and modes of conflict resolution. In this scene, we witness the aftermath of Jean…

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