The Canterbury Tales By Geoffrey Chaucer Essay

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Ever think about what pilgrims were really meant for? The General Prologue From The Canterbury Tales had a completely different meaning for pilgrims then what comes to mind. The Canterbury Tales is Tales told by Geoffrey Chaucer. They run at least twenty-four stories written in Middle English. The tales were originally published in 1478. Multiple characters play apart in the tales, such as the Pardoner, The Wife of Bath, The Knight, The Miller, and the Narrator. The Canterbury Tales were composed by Chaucer, as to where the Summoner played an important role, and the tale demonstrates The General Prologue in great detail.

To illustrate, in this tale of The Canterbury Tales Chaucer was born in 1340 in London England, he was a public servant for countess for Elizabeth of Ulster. Chaucer wrote the Canterbury Tales. He created this tale by adding around thirty people traveling as the pilgrims. His intend for preparing his tale this way, was for the pilgrims that came from different parts of societies, was to waste time as they traveled to the Canterbury. Chaucer expected that the pilgrims would tell two tales on the road to the Canterbury. Chaucer did increible projects, but unfortunately he didn’t complete them. For this reason, scholars were uncertain about Chaucer tales, they were left unrevised. The Canterbury Tales that was formed by Chaucer has been translated throughout the years, because of Chaucer’s unfinished projects.

Nonetheless, one of the characters…

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