The Business Environment Essay

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The role of business in the economy is very important. The economy depends on the taxes received and collected from small and large business to allow the government to function. The country depends on the employment and service provided but business to produce the goods that the country relays on for daily livings. Thus the businesses are able to produce taxable income for the government. A business is an economic system that provides goods and services in an effort to earn a profit. Possibility of earning a profit provides a powerful incentive for people to launch their own enterprise. Businesses are the back bone of a strong and successful economy. Businesses create wealth for their owners and benefit the people who they employee and as …show more content…
As nonprofit organizations main goal is to help the community, while most employees in the organization are volunteers. The volunteers work for the organizations for the sheer enjoyment for of helping people and reorganization of helping others not for a profit. Both organizations add to the economy through for profit organizations paying taxes on their profits made. Nonprofit organizations are not typically registered with the IRS. ”Only organizations with more than $5,000 in annual gross receipts must register with the IRS and only those with receipts in excess of $25,000 must file with the IRS” (Brown) The impacts of the current fiscal and monetary policy on the economy are very similar. Monetary policy lowers interest rates and boosting spending within the economy. This policy balances out the money flowing in the economy. As fiscal policy can come decrease the economy and the amount money flowing within the economy by increasing taxes or they can cause an increase of money flowing by decreasing taxes. The economy today is in a monetary policy as unemployment rates are still at an high but consumer spending is up too. With spending being up we are able to pay the debt back, it may be slowly but it is being paid. I am familiar with the product of shoes. The best way I would market the a shoe line globally would be the internet. Global marketing strategies’ using the internet is the strongest weapon as the internet travel

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