The British Empire Essay

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The British Empire at its capstone not only conquered vast amounts of land but in doing so also integrated their traditions as well. Items such as Sugar, Tea, Cotton, and other luxuries from foreign lands were established by the British and became British cultural symbols. These symbols were no longer associated with their native lands and thus became aspects of British Culture. Consequently, this gave rise to the need for an empire in order to maintain the newly integrated cultural ideals. Thus, the demand for certain goods increased, however the only way to acquire them was via the Empire. Therefore by creating a consumer culture amongst their own people, Britain became a market for their goods. British citizens quickly began to realize that they were consuming products produced through slavery and many began to speak out against this. The abolitionist movement became a culture of its own in British society and merged with the consumer culture shortly after. The new goods being imported through the British Empire, resulted in such mass cultural changes due to their success and popularity. These new cultures however were the main justification, to continue to support their empire. As a point of order, one of the most important regions of the British Empire was India. Consequently, it had a great deal of natural and luxury resources that could be extracted. One of the many resources provided by India was sugar, and it became rapidly popular in Britain. The need…

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