Essay on The British And Indian War

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With the victory of the French and Indian War, the British had a lot to celebrate over. There was a tremendous sense of nationalism throughout the colonies. The British had just obtained more land to grow and produce, new waterways for transportation to import and export goods allowing them to expand to be an even greater Nation. The war cleaned the British treasury out completely and they needed to come up with new ways to replenish those funds. With this sense of power in hand, the British wanted to focus on ending salutary neglect, by actually enforcing the laws that were created over 150 years prior. The British Government planned to develop the colonies into a profitable scheme by way of taxation. This would allow them to pick and choose what to tax and where the tax profits would come from. The colonist did not agree with these taxes and laws being imposed upon them and had every right to rebel against the British, ultimately resulting to the Revolutionary War.
Before 1763, American colonists took great pride in being English, even provided food and supplies to the British during the war. After the Seven Years War the Americans had high hopes for a bigger and brighter future. Hoping with the victory over the French, Britain would grant more freedoms to the colonies, more equality between the English and the colonials and taxes would come to an end. Sadly, these were things Britain had no intentions in doing. The British wouldn’t even consider the colonials…

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