The Brave New World Essay

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When John the Savage is introduced to The Brave New World, he sees this civilized society’s philosophy and practices are too different from the savaged world where he comes from. This new world praises Ford rather than God, values machinery and rationality over humanism and emotion. He quickly realizes this civilization’s motto: community, identity and stability are the causes of difference compare to his original world, making him see the World State is even more savaged than his own world.
In the World State, the society promotes a strong community, or more precise, communitarian. The slogan “everyone belongs to anyone else” is repeating several times to remind people that they are a part of this big communion. Since religion usually is the way to connecting people, yet not acceptable, this society uses the same concept with Solidarity service. People start the service through singing and dancing together under the influence of medication (soma) and ending with indiscriminate sex (Huxley 82-85). Sex, in the context of this civilized society, is a sport or a common social activity; it represents the unification within the society, demonstrating the slogan and strengthening the loyalty to the community, therefore it is encouraged. The idea of having sex with multiple people or in a way, connecting people through sex is taught at very young ages. In a little grassy bay between tall clumps of Mediterranean heather, two children, a little boy of about seven and a little…

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