The Boy Nobody Could Handle By Kurt Vonnegut Jr. Essay

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Rough Copy Prabhsimar Kalra The short story ‘The Boy Nobody Could Handle’ is a moralistic tale written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. The story revolves around the ideology of nurturing that has influence over our present attitude and behaviour. To interpret this idea, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. writes about a young lonely boy, Jim Donnini, who has a history of being abandoned and living in foster homes. The different nurturing aspects violence, lack of role models and lonesome Jim receives as a child has caused him to have a negative attitude and mentality. The story also illustrates Jim’s emotional attachment towards his black boots which shackles his personality within a negative persona. Nature versus nurture is an ongoing debated topic about behaviour being either inherited genetically or being influenced by traits from our surroundings. In relation to Jim, the short story illustrates how his attitude and behaviour changes gradually from the negative surroundings to the genial presence of George Helmholtz. Furthermore, Jim Donnini is a “tough, stringy [muscled]…” teenager who faces many hardships throughout his life. The environment Jim comes from influences his decision and actions. For example, Jim takes interest towards damaging school property. He was glad at the time he committed the crime; possibly because he retaliates with any positive surroundings. He’s also is in possession of dangerous weapons like knives with “blades as long as your hands…” Jim possibly has these…

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