Essay on The Book ' Canterbury Tales '

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The Selected Hypocrisy Tales

The beauty of history comes to us as lesson to be learned, corrected, and used as guidance for the future. Times surely have changed but human behavior hasn 't seemed to follow accordingly as we can depict from some of the characters in Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. Hypocrisy can be noticed in a lot of the characters but the most two most evident being the Monk and the Pardoner. We will look to break down what it is about these characters that Chaucer was trying to illustrate and give examples to help back up why they were considered to be hypocritical. Also look to discuss what we can tell through Chaucer’s writing of his view of medieval society through the numerous characters. In the Canterbury Tales the Monk is introduced to us in ‘The General Prologue’ and the way Chaucer gives his description is almost vivid and can be related to I 'm sure in some ways today. When one thinks of a Monk, it is usually pictured as a man thin, dressed in common garb, have given up worldly possessions and typically reading or praying. The Monk that Chaucer had described was in almost every way none of those things, rather the opposite. He is recounted to the readers rather as a man who follows his own set of rules for example “Where this brave monk was master of the cell. The rule of Maurus or Saint Benedict, by the reason it was old and somewhat strict”. The other quandary being that he is dressed very well, rather than normal monks who wear plain…

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