The Black Power Movement Strikes Essay examples

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Breaking News! The Black Power Movement Strikes Again! From marching through the streets in 1960 's to tearing down the walls of segregation in schools. African American students began to celebrate African American culture boldly and publicly. Starting a chain reaction, soul singer, James Brown releases a new single, "Say it loud, I 'm black and I 'm proud." In 1968, this song became an unofficial anthem of the Black Power movement.

In the 1960 's, as Black Power emerged, society experienced an unusual spike in distinctively black names. In this paper, we focus on one particular aspect of Black culture, which is the distinctive choice of first names, as a way of measuring cultural interactions. Assessing whether or not, distinct black names cause social and economic disparities. To analyze this question, we can look at social stratification through three major perspectives: symbolic interaction, social conflict, and structural functionalism.

To begin with, what holds a society together? According to Durkheim, the theory of the collective consciousness, society adheres to values, beliefs, and traditions that can be passed down through generations. Culture socially constructs a society. To be precise, nonmaterialistic aspects of culture that reflect superstition within their customs and beliefs. As a result, people attach meanings to symbols, whereupon they act accordingly to their individual interpretation of these symbols.

To demonstrate, consider applying symbolic…

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