The Black Plague: The Most Memorable Events Of The Dark Ages

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I was in class pondering different topics and ideas to write about but none satisfied me. I turned my attention to the board where others were weighing their topics when in saw what gave me the idea. Emily Peters was writing about the dark ages and they made me think of one of the most memorable events of the dark ages. The Black Death killed thousands of people in European countries in the medieval time. It was such a horrifically memorable event in history a children 's song was wrote about it, Ring Around the Rosie.
What I Know The black plague started in mid evil times, better know as the dark ages. It was the deadliest plague to ever be documented in the history of the world. It was also the most widespread plague in the world, killing
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Many people think that the plague is just one illness, but in reality it is more than just that. There is three different variations of the plague. There is bubonic plague, which is the most common form of the plague. It results in the tell tale buboes painfully swollen lymph nodes that appear in the groin and armpit areas. There is septicemic plague. This form spreads through the bloodstream and is contracted through infected fleas or infected people or corpses. Final there is pneumonic plague. This is an advanced form of the bubonic plague. Pneumonic plague is the most infectious form of the plague. It is spread person to person through droplets of the bacteria that is expelled out of our lungs into the air when the infected person coughs. When the microscopic droplets are inhaled by a healthy person they become infected. If the bubonic plague is left untreated it has about a 50% mortality rate. The septicemic and pneumonic plagues are certainly fatal without treatment 97% of those treated with antibiotics in time will survive the plague(Nationalgeografic, …show more content…
I would also like to figure out when exactly we discovered it was a bacterium. I would also like to know why people are still getting this disease and dieing from it if it is preventable and curable with medication. Also I would like to know if there is a possible outbreak of the plague right around the corner and what we will have to do to combat the plague to hopefully not have as bad of an outcome that the Europeans did in the 1300’s.
Where I go From here.
After learning about the plague so much I have a new respect for medical sciences. If we didn 't know what cause the plague and didn 't know how to cure it we could have epidemics all over the world. People would be dieing continuously and we would all be scared for our lives just like the Europeans were in the 1300’s. I will also keep up to date on new cases of the illness especially in the United States. Also I will make sure that all the areas I go to in warmer climates are rat and flea free so I stand a better chance at not contracting the

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